Today, we are going to be taking a look at what we consider to be the very best gimbal for the Nikon D7500 DSLR camera that is currently on the market. Even though the Nikon D7500 is a highly popular camera body, we have found that a regular stream of individuals who use the camera is coming out to us for aid in finding a gimbal stabilizer that is compatible with it.

Best Gimbal For Nikon D7500

# Image Details
1 DJI Ronin-S DJI Ronin-S

Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld for Nikon D7500 DSLR Cameras up to 8lbs / 3.6kg Payload

2 DJI Ronin-SC DJI Ronin-SC

Camera Stabilizer, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for DSLR Cameras, Up to 4.4lbs Payload

3 Zhiyun Crane 2S Zhiyun Crane 2S

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Camera Professional Video Stabilizer Compatible with Nikon D7500

4 Ikan DS2 Beholder Ikan DS2 Beholder

Gimbal & DH7-DK Monitor Kit for Nikon EL15

We believe that this is because the body of the camera itself weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.6 pounds on its own. People appear to have mixed feelings regarding whether or not they should purchase a gimbal designed for a DSLR camera or purchase a cheaper gimbal designed for a lighter mirrorless camera. This is despite the fact that this is fairly light when compared to the weight of some DSLR camera bodies currently available on the market.

We have, to your great relief, compiled a list of three gimbals that we believe can be used successfully in a variety of settings with your Nikon D7500. The Nikon D7500 should work just fine with any of our featured gimbals for Nikon D7500, regardless of which accessories you attach to the camera body; however, two of our featured gimbals are intended for use with digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, while the gimbal that represents our more cost-effective option is primarily intended for use with mirrorless cameras.

For those who are pressed for time and are looking for a solution that is both simple and quick, we will continue to include the comparison as well as a brief analysis of each gimbal in the same way that we do in all of our other articles. Following the comparison table section, as is our custom, we will then proceed to take a more in-depth look at the three included gimbals for Nikon D7500, discussing why we feel the way we do about them and why we believe they will be an excellent choice for usage with your Nikon d7500.

The D7500 is the result of a desire for flagship performance and innovation in a more compact and streamlined connected camera. It offers the same game-changing resolution, ISO range, image processing, and energy efficiency as the award-winning D500 in an enthusiast-level DSLR package.

Simply said, the D7500 is designed to exceed any camera in its class in terms of picture quality, blazing speed, faultless autofocus, 4K Ultra HD video, and pro-grade creative tools—all housed in a comfortable, durable body that makes shooting a breeze. In other words, this is a camera for the next generation of content makers.

1. DJI Ronin-S 

The Ronin-S gimbal and a few essential accessories are included in the Ronin-S Essentials Kit. The Essentials Kit offers significant savings while providing you with everything you need to start shooting right away by eliminating the focus wheel and a few other accessories that are included with the standard Ronin-S package.

The DJI Ronin-S is a scalable ecosystem for integrating DSLR and mirrorless cameras into professional-grade workflows; it goes beyond simply being a scaled-down version of the larger Ronin gimbal stabilizers. The Ronin-single-handed S’s form factor allows for lighter camera payloads of up to 8 lb. Please refer to the DJI website for the most recent list of compatible cameras and lenses.

2. DJI Ronin-SC

The balancing system has been streamlined because the Ronin-SC is made for lightweight cameras. A smartphone app is used to automatically balance the roll axis. Axis locks are also included on the pan, tilt, and roll axes to secure the cargo while in transit.

The technology makes it simple to install and balance the camera so that it is ready for shooting thanks to a sliding rapid-release camera plate. Simply follow the directions or watch online tutorial videos to learn how to accomplish it quickly and easily.

The base package includes a smartphone attachment that attaches to the camera hot shoe, allowing you to quickly change the settings and modes on your phone while using the Ronin app.

You may do balance tests, change the motors, and define three custom profiles using the app. Additionally, there are options like Sport, which shortens the response time and is perfect for tracking moving targets.

3. Zhiyun Crane 2 [Official] 

A 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer that can support mirrorless and DSLR cameras weighing up to 7 lb is called the Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2. You can shoot for up to 18 hours on the provided batteries by mounting your camera on the accompanying Manfrotto-standard quick-release plate, balancing it, and using it.

The gimbal’s handwheel or an additional remote control for the Crane 2 can operate the accompanying rod-mount mechanical focus motor. It can be positioned to line up with your lens’s focus or zoom ring for follow focus or zoom control. The focus motor can be used with almost all lenses by connecting it to a support rod, USB cable, and two universal lens gear rings that are also included.

4. Zhiyun Crane 2S 

The Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 2S, a successor to the Crane-2, has been significantly improved to better meet the demands of filmmakers. The CRANE 2S can stabilize large cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Panasonic S1H, and Canon EOS 1DX Mark II together with accessories thanks to its new-generation 9th Instune Algorithm, which increases each axis’ responsiveness. (For a complete list of cameras and lenses that are compatible, please see the Zhiyun website.)

The CRANE 2S provides specific mounting locations for an optional Zhiyun-Tech TransMount transmitter in order to facilitate collaborative work. A vertical fast-release mount that enables you to position your camera vertically is another new feature that was added to satisfy the rising demand for social media material. In addition, brand-new FlexMount technology is employed to mount your camera conventionally.

By using a double-safety system, this technology secures your Nikon D7500 camera while making installation and setup easier. A two-phase locking design has also improved the axis-locking mechanism for balancing cameras. Additionally, the axis-locking mechanism makes sure that the gimbal parts don’t move while being transported or stored.

5. Ikan DS2 Beholder Gimbal & DH7-DK Monitor Kit

This Ikan DS2 Beholder 3-Axis Gimbal and DH7 Monitor Kit are intended for use with DSLR or mirrorless cameras, and it includes the DH7 7″ 4K HDMI on-camera LCD monitor kit, a 7″ articulating arm, the DS2 Beholder 3-axis gimbal for Nikon D7500 to give your shots a smooth cinematic stabilized look, dual-grip handles to give you a comfortable rig.

The monitor kit includes a 1.5′ HDMI to micro-HDMI cable, a 1.5′ HDMI to Mini HDMI cable, a battery charger, a Nikon EL15-series type battery with a suitable plate, and a nice cushioned case. The monitor is fastened to the dual-grip handles using the articulating arm that is included.

With the three 360° spinning brushless motors found in the 3-axis gimbal, your range of motion is virtually unlimited. Additionally, it combines an adaptive PID algorithm and a 32-bit controller with a 12-bit encoder for improved performance.

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