If you want to find out what’s the best mirrorless camera you can buy in 2020, you’ve come to the right place.

Since Panasonic launched the first mirrorless camera in 2008, the genre has grown massively, with models to suit every budget and ability.

Mirrorless cameras allow you to swap and change lenses like a DSLR, but because the mirror inside the camera has been removed (hence the name, with mirrors used to bounce light from the path of the lens up into the optical viewfinder of a DSLR), it has allowed designers to make mirrorless cameras much more compact than DSLRs.

No mirror means that instead of optical viewfinders to frame your subject, mirrorless cameras rely on electronic viewfinders instead. Be aware, too, that most cheaper mirrorless cameras don’t come with viewfinders at all – instead, you compose the photo on the rear screen, just as you do with most compact cameras or smartphones.

Best Mirrorless Camera of 2020

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Mirrorless cameras offer interchangeable lenses, just like DSLRs, but they’re smaller and lighter with more advanced viewing, focusing and video features. The argument still rages over which is best, DSLR vs mirrorless, but for a lot of people, the argument is already won.

But how do you choose a mirrorless camera when there are so many on the market and covering such a wide range of users, experience levels and budgets?

Whether you need a full-frame mirrorless camera that will rival the best DSLRs around, or you’re just after a cheap mirrorless camera bargain for casual use, we’ve got you covered.

We start off with what we think is the best all-round choice for most photographers right now and then look at some smaller-budget alternatives.

But for some users quality is more important than price, especially if you’re a pro photographervideographer or fine art photographer. So keep reading, because we’ve also included the best mirrorless cameras you can get for outright quality, and if the first couple of choices are too expensive, just keep on going as we look at cheaper options.

We’re not done yet. We’ve also got the best mirrorless cameras for travel, for blogging and for sports and action photographers, whether you’re a pro who wants to stay ahead of the curve or an enthusiast who also needs to keep an eye on the costs!

Talking of cost, we’re seeing lots of cheap camera deals right now, which means you might just bag a bargain – our price comparison tool, below, is pulling in today’s very best offers for each model. So without further ado, here are the best mirrorless cameras right now.

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