Best Sony a6600 Memory Cards

Best Sony a6600 Memory Cards

The optimal SD memory cards for the Sony a6600. Here is a comprehensive list of the most highly recommended SD cards for the Sony a6600 mirrorless camera.

The Sony a6600 is a very adaptable mirrorless camera developed to meet the needs of the most demanding photographers and videographers.

The new Sony a6600 features a revised 24.2MP CMOS sensor, the most recent BIONZ X image processor, a lightning-fast autofocus acquisition time of 0.02 seconds, a 4D FOCUS system, 5-axis image stabilization, a longer-lasting Z battery, and a large grip to house it, as well as Real-time Eye AF for both photos and videos, and it is capable of up to 11fps continuous shooting with Real-time Eye AF and up to UHD 4K30p.

Want the top SD cards for your Sony a6600? In this article, we will cover everything you need to know before purchasing the best memory card for the Sony a6600.

Firstly… Which type of memory card do you require?

Ensure that a memory card is compatible with your Sony a6600 camera before purchasing one. This is required for the Sony a6600:

  • One SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot.
  • Type of Memory Card: SD Card
  • UHS-I Memory Card Speed
  • Capacity Recommendations: 32GB-256GB (SD/SDHC/SDXC)

The Sony a6600 includes one SD card slot that is compatible with UHS-I SD cards. This means that you do not need to spend extra for the faster UHS-II cards unless you require really rapid read speeds (which enables you to transfer files to your computer quicker).

Why Is a High-Speed SD Card Necessary?

Not all memory cards are compatible with the Sony a6600 camera. If the card is too sluggish, you may need to wait longer for the buffer to clear, or you may experience recording issues and lose all footage. Therefore, purchasing a fast card is always worthwhile:

Fast write speed enables rapid buffer clearing between burst shots, hence enhancing the shooting experience.

Large files, such as a 4K video or a collection of high-resolution photos from continuous shooting, can be transferred to a PC in a few seconds if the read speed is quick.

Reminder: for the best video codec, stick to 64GB (or larger) SDXC cards for video recording.

The Most Effective SD Memory Cards for Sony a6600

Here are my top four recommended SD memory cards for the mirrorless Sony a6600 camera.

Any of these is an excellent option. If you want more specific suggestions, you can find them below.

1. SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I Card 170 MB/s (V30, U3)

  • Class 10 UHS-I / V30 / U3 / UHS-I
  • Maximum Read Speed: 170 MB per second
  • Maximum Writing Rate: 90 MB/s

Highly suggested! The SanDisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s UHS-I card is the fastest UHS-I SD card and the most popular card on the market; it is one of the SD cards I recommend most frequently, particularly for consumers UHS-I cameras.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s UHS-I card has to write speeds of up to 90 MB/s and read speeds of up to 170 MB/s, making it ideal for shooting 4K UHD video and sequential burst mode photos.

Additionally, SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I cards have a speed class rating of V30 and the U3 standard, which guarantees minimum write speeds of 30 MB/s.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro 170 MB/s UHS-I cards, available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities, are ideal for professionals recording extreme sports and other high-action activities.

2. SanDisk Extreme UHS-I SDXC Memory Card (V30, U3)

  • Class 10 UHS-I / V30 / U3 / UHS-I
  • Maximum Read Speed: 150 MB per second
  • Maximum Writing Rate: 70 MB/s

Great value! If you are extremely strapped for cash and just want to save money, this is the card for you! The SanDisk Extreme UHS-I SDXC Card (V30, U3) supports read rates of up to 150MB/s and write speeds of up to 70MB/s, making it a great choice for fast-action or continuous burst mode photography, as well as full HD and 4K video recording — available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities.

A built-in write-protect switch safeguards card data against inadvertent deletion.

3. Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II (150 MB/s, V60) Memory Card

  • Class 10 UHS-II / V60 / U3 / UHS-II
  • Maximum Read Speed: 150 MB per second
  • Maximum Writing Rate: 90 MB/s

Excellent UHS-II SD card at a reasonable cost. The Lexar Professional 1000x UHS-II SDXC Card can achieve maximum read speeds of up to 150 MB/s and maximum write speeds of up to 90 MB/s, making it suitable for continuous shutter bursts, and quick shooting, 4K and Full HD video.

For flexibility, the cards are compatible with UHS-I devices operating at UHS-I speeds. Whether you’re a professional photographer, videographer, or enthusiast, you can rely on the performance of Lexar Professional 1000x SDHC/SDXC UHS-II cards. Great value!

4. The Lexar Professional 1667x UHS-II SD Card (250 MB/s, V60) has a transfer rate of 250 MB/s.

  • Class 10 UHS-II / V60 / U3 / UHS-II
  • Maximum Read Rate of 250 MB/s
  • Maximum Writing Rate: 90 MB/s

All of the SD cards listed above are excellent options and are more than sufficient for Sony a6600 users. You can also use a fast UHS-II card if your camera supports UHS-II cards or if you need the ultra-high read rates to transfer your photographs and videos much more quickly.

With maximum read rates of up to 250 MB/s and maximum write speeds of up to 90 MB/s, the Lexar Professional 1667x UHS-II card is ideal for rapid burst shooting and recording 4K and full HD video!

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