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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro Manual

In order to exceed their previous accomplishment with the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, Blackmagic Design has added an even more full-featured, small Super35 camera to their cine-style range with the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro. This camera is designed to capture 4K video.

The 6K Pro retains all of the recording features, sensor, dynamic range, button configurations, and port options of its predecessor, but in addition, it includes a number of significant new features such as a 5 “tilting HDR capacitive touchscreen LCD with 1500 cd/m2 brightness, an optional Pro EVF, built-in clear/2/4/6-stop ND filters, dual mini-XLR inputs, an accurate timecode clock, an NP-F570 L-series battery slot, and updated Gen 5 color science are some of the features that come standard on this camera.

The 6K Pro has a form factor that is only marginally larger than that of the 6L. However, it is capable of recording video at resolutions up to 50 frames per second at 6144 by 3456 pixels, and it maintains the valuable active Canon EF mount. This enables users to make use of the vast selection of lenses that have an EF or EF-S mount. When suitable lenses are used with the EF mount, it is possible to use electronic communication to access the iris, autofocus, and zoom capabilities.

By cropping a second shot from one frame, upscaling to 8K, or simply capturing rich, detailed footage with your preferred EF or EF-S mount lens, the 6K Pro can turn one frame into two. It is now much simpler to edit together clips shot in 6K Pro, 6K, and BMPCC 4K thanks to the enhanced color processing in Gen 5 of the camera.

You can record using the internal CFast 2.0 and SD/UHS-II card slots, as well as via the full-size HDMI port to an optional ATEM Mini switcher for live streaming. You can also output via the USB Type-C port to capture longer clips onto an external SSD.

The Blackmagic Raw capture from the sensor is supported by the 6K Pro, and it comes included with a license for DaVinci Resolve Studio. When editing with DaVinci Resolve, using the Raw format with the sensor’s information not only makes it simpler to edit to fit any project, but it also makes editing easier overall.

The familiar controls and menu layout of the 6K model are carried over into the more compact 6K Pro. These include the ability to support an ISO of up to 25,600, 13 stops of dynamic range, and 1920 x 1080 HDR monitor output.

New features added to the professional audio support include two tiny XLR inputs powered by phantom +48V, a 3.5mm stereo input, a mono speaker, a headphone output, and an integrated stereo microphone system.

Additional professional features include support for lens information, a 3D LUT program that can be used for monitoring as well as recording, still picture capture resolutions of up to 21.2 megapixels, and a multifunction grip that permits operation with one hand.

Connecting an external timecode generator to the 6K Pro’s inbuilt timecode generator allows for the synchronization of numerous cameras during the filming of a concert, event, or other multicamera production (accessed via the 3.5mm audio port). Then you may save a significant amount of time by utilizing the post-production software Resolve to automatically sync your photos from many cameras.

Along with an activation key for DaVinci Resolve Studio, the 6K Pro comes with a 30W power supply that allows for simultaneous battery charging, an MP-F570 battery, a lens port cap, and a camera strap. Additionally, the 6K Pro includes a lens port cap. You can purchase separately the BMPCC Pro EVF and the BMPCC Pro Battery Grip, both of which are designed specifically for the 6K Pro and are available as optional accessories.


  • 5 “LCD display that has a tilting capacitive HDR touchscreen and a brightness of 1500 cd/m2.
  • IR ND filters with built-in clear/2/4/6-stop attenuation
  • Dual mini-XLR inputs
  • Electronic lens communication that allows for control of the iris, autofocus, and zoom are all available.
  • with lenses that are compatible
  • Super-accurate timecode clock
  • NP-F570 battery slot for the L-series
  • Gen 5 color science with the latest updates
  • EVF Pro and battery grip are available as options.

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