The URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 Digital Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design delivers an increased control set and even more flexibility than its predecessor, the Mini Pro, in addition to improving the electronics and recording capabilities of the camera.

The G2 comes with a newly developed Super 35 4.6K sensor that has 15 stops of dynamic range at 3200 ISO, the ability to record at high frame rates of up to 300 frames per second, and extra recording functions.

To begin, the addition of external camera controls enables users to access menus and modify exposure settings, activate slow/fast motion, engage focus assist, and perform a variety of additional operations. Additionally, a monochrome LCD screen has been added to the outside of the camera. This panel provides vital shooting statistics at a glance.

The built-in ND (neutral density) filter wheel is another useful and welcome feature of the pro version. The wheel’s four positions allow it to move between two, four, and six stops of neutral density, in addition to a transparent filter that prevents any drop in exposure.

Behind the display, next to the CFast 2.0 slots, you’ll find two SD card slots. These allow you to utilize more reasonably priced media with recording formats that require less storage space. It is now possible to record straight to external drives thanks to the G2’s addition of a USB-C extension connection. The electronic EF lens mount that is normally used may be changed by the user and is also adjustable so that the flange focal distance can be set correctly.

Blackmagic Design’s famous Super 35mm 4.6K sensor block serves as the camera’s central component. This sensor block is well-known for its ability to create cinematic pictures that include subtle gradients and a broad dynamic range that is rated at 15 stops.

Because the G2 can now record Blackmagic RAW footage in film and extended modes, it is more adaptable and can better suit the requirements of your project. The G2’s ability to record 4.6K video at 120 frames per second, 4K DCI video at 150 frames per second, or even 1080p video at 300 frames per second is likely the most amazing addition the camera has received. These frame rates are ideal for filming fast-paced action.

Both the URSA Mini and the URSA Mini Pro G2 are capable of recording high-resolution raw sensor data onto CFast 2.0 or SD memory cards at up to 60 frames per second. The data is saved in Blackmagic RAW format.

Because the raw files maintain the complete dynamic range and color tonality generated from the sensor, the post-production process gives you more leeway in determining how the final result will appear. However, data-heavy uncompressed raw files aren’t always easy to work with on set, which is why the URSA Mini Pro offers compressed raw recording at 3:1 and 4:1 compression ratios in addition to uncompressed raw recording. This allows users to save space while maintaining flexibility in post-production while recording raw footage.

If raw capture is not required for the project you are working on, the URSA Mini Pro G2 can provide you with ready-to-edit Apple ProRes files in a wide variety of flavors within the 444 and 422 chroma subsampling variants, depending on the workflow you are using.

Recording resolutions of 4.6K, 4K, 3K, 2K, and HD may be captured as ProRes files by selecting either the “Film” dynamic range for a flatter image that can be graded in post-production or the “Video” dynamic range for a polished look right out of the camera.

Both CFast 2.0 and UHS-II SD cards are compatible with the ProRes recording format (SD cards top out at UHD 4K; please check the Blackmagic Design website for updated card compatibility and limitations).

The ergonomic advantages of the first iteration of the URSA Mini have been preserved because to the fact that the form factor has been preserved. It is possible to outfit the camera with attachments that are sold separately, including as the VCT shoulder pad, side handgrip, broadcast battery plate, and EVF, so that it may be used comfortably for extended periods of time when filming. The same shoulder pad may be used for attaching lens supports for long lenses, follow focuses, lens drive motors, matte boxes, and a variety of other accessories while shooting in a studio setting because it is compatible with 15mm LWS rods.


  • Updated Super 35 4.6K picture sensor
  • 4608 × 2592 pixels with a dynamic range of 15 stops and an ISO of 3200.
  • 4.6-kilobit photos at frame rates of up to 120 per second
  • Windowed 4K Digital Cinema Initiative at up to 150 frames per second
  • 300 frames per second windowed in 1080 high-definition resolution
  • RAW photos captured with a Blackmagic camera in both films and extended video modes
  • Compression levels in raw media up to 12:1
  • connector for extension via USB-C, allowing recording to be done on external media

Download Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 Manual Here

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