Canon EOS 7D

Canon EOS 7D

The Canon EOS 7D is equipped with the most up-to-date high-performance photo and video imaging capabilities, making it ideal for both professionals and discriminating image producers. An 18-megapixel APS-C format CMOS sensor combined with Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors allows for quick shooting at 8 frames per second and increased ISO sensitivity from 100 to 12800 without sacrificing image quality or performance.

In order to provide a smooth, dramatic image, true 1080p HD video may be produced at either 24 or 30 frames per second. Capturing motion in 720p and SD video is accomplished at either 50 or 60 frames per second, making it a superior technique of capturing motion. In addition to video recording, an inbuilt mono microphone captures audio in real-time alongside the camera, while a 3.5mm stereo connector provides higher-quality alternatives for professional applications.

The 7D’s all-new, all-cross-type, 19-point autofocus system has five different focusing modes that may be selected by the user. All focus points may be picked automatically or manually, and they can be set to be prioritized dependent on whether the camera is in portrait or landscape mode. Canon’s newest iFCL (Intelligent Focus Color Luminosity Metering System) analyzes shooting situations and optimizes exposure by utilizing all 19 AF points, 63 zones, and a dual-layer color sensor to assess and optimize exposure.

The EOS 7D’s Intelligent Viewfinder is large and bright, and it provides 100 percent visibility of the whole image area. It also has a clear LCD overlay that displays the user’s selected AF points/modes, a spot metering circle, and on-demand grid lines, among other things.

In addition to the optical viewfinder, the Live View mode allows users to compose photographs and videos on the rear LCD screen, which measures 3.0″ and has 920,000 dots. A new Dual Axis Electronic Level serves as a reference for adjusting the roll and pitch of the camera in 1° increment using the viewfinder or LCD, and it is available for purchase separately.

In addition, it has an environmentally sealed magnesium-alloy design, an integrated sensor cleaning system, a shutter rating of 150,000 exposures, and the ability to operate Canon EX-series Speedlite Flashes wirelessly via TTL. Everything about the Canon EOS 7D confirms that it is the next generation of professional EOS picture and video photography

Dual DIGIC 4 image processors with 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor 

When it comes to image resolution, the EOS 7D has an 18.0 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor that was built by Canon. Because of this high level of resolution, it is simple to trim photographs for enlargement without fear of losing detail. The CMOS sensor, which is a significant contributor to noise reduction, ensures that photos captured at the greatest sensitivity will be incredibly smooth. Photographs are shot, processed, and stored at lightning speed thanks to the use of two DIGIC 4 image processors working in tandem.

The Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors in the EOS 7D enable the camera to capture and process data from images shot at 18.0 Megapixels at 8 frames per second, as well as Face Detection Live Mode, Full HD video recording, Auto Lighting Optimizer, and Lens Peripheral Optimization. These features, as well as Face Detection Live Mode, Full HD video recording, Auto Lighting Optimizer, and Lens Peripheral optimization, are all possible.

Canon EOS 7D Specs

Price (With 18-135mm kit lens)• US: $1,899
Body materialMagnesium alloy
Sensor *• 22.3 x 14.9 mm CMOS sensor
• RGB Color Filter Array
• Built-in fixed low-pass filter (with the self-cleaning unit)
• 19 million total pixels
• 18 million effective pixels
• 3:2 aspect ratio
Image processor *Dual DIGIC 4
A/D conversion14 bit
Image Sizes ( Still) *RAW
• 5184 x 3456
• 3888 x 2592
• 2592 x 1728
• 5184 x 3456
• 3456 x 2304
• 2592 x 1728
Image Sizes (Movie)1920 x 1080 (29.97, 25, 23.976 fps)
1280 x 720 (59.94, 50 fps)
640 x 480 (59.94, 50 fps)
File formats (Still)• JPEG (EXIF 2.21) – Fine / Normal
File formats (Movie)MOV (Video: H.264, Sound: Linear PCM)
Lenses• Canon EF / EF-S lens mount
• 1.6x field of view crop
Dust reduction• EOS integrated cleaning system with fluorine coating
• Self-cleaning sensor unit (filter in front of sensor vibrates at high frequency at start-up and shutdown – can be disabled)
• Dust Delete Data – Data from a test shot is used to ‘map’ dust spots and can be later removed using Canon DPP Software
Auto focus*• TTL-CT-SIR CMOS sensor
• 19 cross-type AF points (f/2.8 at center)
• Center point additionally sensitive with lenses of F2.8 or faster
• AF working range: -0.5 – 18 EV (at 23°C, ISO 100)
Focus modes• One-shot AF
• AI Servo AF
• AI Focus AF
• Manual focus
AF point selection• Auto : 19 point
• Manual : Single point/ Spot/ AF point Expansion/ Zone
AF LockLocked when the shutter button is pressed halfway in One-Shot AF mode or AF-ON button is pressed
Predictive AF• Up to 8 m
AF assist• Stroboscopic flash
AF micro adjust• +/- 20 steps
• Adjust all lenses by the same amount/individually adjust up to 20 lenses
Metering*• TTL full-aperture metering with 63 zone Dual Layer SPC
• Metering range: EV 1 – 20 EV
Metering modes*• Evaluative metering (linked to all AF points)
• Partial (9.4% at center)
• Spot metering (approx. 2.3% at center)
• Center-weighted average
AE lock• Auto: One-Shot AF with evaluative metering
• Manual: AE lock button
Exposure compensation*• +/-5.0 EV
• 0.3 or 0.5 EV increments
Exposure bracketing• +/- 3.0 EV
• 0.3 or 0.5 EV increments
Sensitivity *• Auto ISO (100-3200)
• ISO 100-6400 in 0.3 or 1.0 EV increments
• H (12800) expansion
Shutter• Focal-plane shutter
• 30 – 1/8000 sec
• 0.3 or 0.5 EV increments
• Flash X-Sync: 1/250 sec
• Bulb
Aperture values• 0.3 or 0.5 EV increments
• Actual aperture range depends on the lens used
White balance• Auto
• Daylight
• Shade
• Cloudy
• Tungsten
• White Fluorescent light
• Flash
• Custom
• Kelvin (2500 – 10000 K in 100 K steps)
WB bracketing• +/-3 levels
• 3 images
• Blue / Amber or Magenta / Green bias
WB shift• Blue (-9) To Amber (+9)
• Magenta (-9) to Green (+9)
Picture style• Standard
• Portrait
• Landscape
• Neutral
• Faithful
• Monochrome
• User def. 1
• User def. 2
• User def. 3
Custom image parameters• Sharpness: 0 to 7
• Contrast: -4 to +4
• Saturation: -4 to +4
• Color tone: -4 to +4
• B&W filter: N, Ye, Or, R, Gvan
• B&W tone: N, S, B, P, G
Image processing• Highlight tone priority
• Auto lighting optimizer (4 settings)
• Long exposure noise reduction
• High ISO noise reduction (4 settings)
• Auto correction of lens peripheral illumination (vignetting)
Color space• sRGB
• Adobe RGB
Viewfinder *• Eye-level pentaprism
• 100% frame coverage
• Approx. 1.0x magnification
• Eyepoint: 22 mm
• Fixed screen (Transmissive LCD screen)
• Dioptric adjustment: -3.0 to +1.0 diopter
Mirror• Quick-return half mirror (transmission:reflection ratio 40:60)
• Mirror lock-up (once or multiple exposures)
Viewfinder info *• AF points
• Focus confirmation light
• Shutter speed
• Aperture value
• ISO speed (always displayed)
• AE lock
• Exposure level/compensation
• Spot metering circle
• Exposure warning
• AEB.
• Flash ready
• High-speed sync
• FE lock
• Flash exposure compensation
• Red-eye reduction light
• White balance correction
• CF card information
• Monochrome shooting
• maximum burst (2 digit display)
• Highlight tone priority (D+)
• Grid
• Dual Axis Electronic level
LCD monitor• 3.0 ” TFT LCD
• 920,000 dots
• 100% coverage
• 160 ° viewing angle
• Coating: Anti-reflection and Solid Structure
LCD Live view• Live TTL display of scene from CMOS image sensor
• 100% frame coverage
• 30 fps frame rate
• Real-time evaluative metering using CMOS image sensor
• Best view or exposure simulation
• Silent mode
• Grid optional (x2)
• Magnify optional (5x or 10x at AF point)
• Three AF modes – Live mode/Quick mode/Face Detection
• Histogram
• Remote live view using EOS Utility 2.0 (via USB or WiFi/Ethernet using WFT)
Record review• Off
• On (histogram via INFO button)
• Display mode same as last used Play mode
Playback modes1. Single image with exposure, file number, storage slot
2. As 1 but also image count and quality
3. Detailed exposure information, thumbnail and luminance histogram
4. Less detailed exposure info., thumbnail, luminance and RGB histograms
Playback features• Optional blinking highlight alert
• Optional AF point display
• Magnified view (up to 1.5x – 10x)
• 2×2 or 3×3 thumbnail index
• Delete / Protect
Flash*• Auto pop-up E-TTL II autoflash
• FOV coverage up to15 mm (27 mm Equiv.)
• Guide number approx 12 m (ISO 100)
• Cycle time approx. 3 sec
• Flash compensation +/-3.0 EV in 0.3 or 0.5 EV increments
• X-Sync: 1/250 sec
External flash• E-TTL II autoflash with EX-series Speedlites
• Wireless multi-flash support
• PC Sync
Shooting modes *• Auto
• Creative auto
• Program AE (P)
• Shutter-priority AE (Tv)
• Aperture-priority AE (Av)
• Manual (M) Stills and Movie
• Custom settings 1
• Custom settings 2
• Custom settings 3
Drive modes• Single
• High-speed continuous
• Low-speed continuous
• Self-timer: 2sec + remote, 10sec + remote
Burst buffer *Approx. 8 fps (speed maintained for up to 126 JPEGs (with UDMA card), 15 images (RAW))
Orientation sensorYes
Auto rotation• On (recorded and LCD display)
• On (recorded only)
• Off
Custom functions *27 Custom Functions with 70 settings
Menu languages• English
• German
• French
• Dutch
• Danish
• Portuguese
• Finnish
• Italian
• Norwegian
• Swedish
• Spanish
• Greek
• Russian
• Polish
• Czech
• Hungarian
• Romanian
• Ukrainian
• Turkish
• Arabic
• Thai
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
• Korean
• Japanese
FirmwareUser upgradable
Portrait grip• Optional BG-E7 Battery Grip
• Optional WFT-E5 Wireless File Transfer Grip
Connectivity• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
• Video output (PAL/ NTSC)
• HDMI connector
• N3 type wired remote control
• PC Sync flash terminal
• External microphone (Stereo mini jack)
• Communication terminal on base for WFT-E5
Storage• Compact Flash Type I or II
• Supports UDMA and Microdrive cards
• External storage via optional WFT-E5
Power• Lithium-Ion LP-E6 rechargeable battery (supplied & charger)
• CR1616 Lithium battery (date/time backup)
• Optional AC adapter
Wireless connectivity
(optional WFT-E5)
• Mounts on the base of the camera and also acts as a vertical grip
• Has its own BP-511A battery
• Wireless 802.11b / 802.11g
• Wireless security: WEP, TKIP/AES, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK
• Wireless methods: Infrastructure or Ad Hoc
• Wired ethernet (100 Base-TX)
• Transfer: FTP, PTP (remote control by computer), HTTP (view / remote fire)
• USB host capable: External hard drives, flash drives
• USB comms: GPS devices (records coordinates and altitude in image header)
Dimensions148 x 111 x 74 mm (5.8 x 4.3 x 2.8 in)
Weight *• No battery: 820 g (1.8 lb)

Canon EOS 7D Price

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