Canon EOS C700 Manual

The Canon EOS C700 camera has dimensions of 16.7 by 15.4 by 32.7 centimeters and weighs 3.4 kg. That’s not as horrible as you would think! In its fully rigged state, it will, of course, be heavier; yet, because of its form factor, you will be able to carry it on your shoulder without having to make any further adjustments. A new narrative emerges from my own C300 Mark II camera. It is not really possible to use it as a shoulder-mounted camera since it requires an excessive amount of equipment.

Despite this, the Canon C700 is a really large camera, and I’d much like it if it were both a touch smaller and lighter than it actually is. The ARRI Amira, which is really quite a bit heavier than the C700 when compared, is perhaps the camera that offers the most direct competition to the C700. The camera itself weighs 4.1 kilograms, but after it is completely rigged, it becomes an unbearable burden to carry on one’s shoulder for an extended amount of time. But perhaps that’s simply the way I think.

The top and bottom of the camera body are both made up of a full-sized cheese plate that has a large number of 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads. When it comes to setting up the camera for a particular shot, this gives you an incredible amount of versatility.

When purchasing this camera, purchasers have the option of selecting between an EF or PL mount. The Canon model that I purchased comes equipped with a positive lock active EF mount, which is a really beneficial feature. There is absolutely no wiggle room, and the mount is holding the lens in a very secure manner. In addition, because the mount on the C700 itself rotates, you won’t need to rotate the lens in order to attach it to the camera.

It’s possible that the optional B4 lens converter might be a choice for you if you’re looking for a dependable broadcast camera that features cutting-edge color science and dynamic range. Although I haven’t given it a shot yet, this feature enables you to attach conventional 2/3-inch ENG lenses to the EOS C700.

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