Full HD footage at 1920 by 1080 pixels and 50 frames per second may be captured using the Canon LEGRIA HF G25 32GB Full HD PAL Camcorder. You’ll be able to get a more cinematic effect for your film if you choose the 25 frames per second option. You may get the film look more effectively by using Cinema-Looks Filters, which has a number of built-in customizable filters.

The HF G25 is equipped with a Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens that has an 8-blade iris, which results in video and still images that seem more professional. It has a focal length range of 30.4-304 millimeters, which is comparable to 35 millimeters. In addition to this, the camcorder is fitted with a Canon HD CMOS Pro image sensor, which provides enhanced functionality in low-light conditions as well as a broad dynamic range.

The HF G25’s built-in memory is capable of supporting up to 12 hours of high-definition video playback. It also has two ports for SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards, which may be used for the Relay Recording function. This function automatically transfers video recordings from the internal drive to the memory card when the internal drive fills up.

In addition to that, the camera has something called Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization. The HF G25 also has a color viewfinder that is 0.24″ in size, a 58mm filter diameter, a touch panel LCD measuring 3.5″, a Smart AUTO function, and a 58mm filter diameter.

The HF G25 also comes equipped with a variety of functionalities that are specific to professional photography. Among these are composition aids, configurable keys and dials, sophisticated control options like as manual exposure, aperture priority, and shutter priority, and composition aids.

In addition to that, it has Audio Scene Select and an inbuilt microphone that has a great deal of adjustability. The HF G25 comes equipped with connections for both headphones and microphones, giving it a more professional sound. Additionally, it offers communication via HDMI and USB ports. Additionally, the Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe allows for the attachment of a wide variety of shooting aids, such as microphones and lights, to the camera.

Download Canon HF VIXIA G25 Manual Here

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