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Canon ME200S-SH Manual

The Canon ME200S-SH Multi-Purpose Camera is capable of recording video at resolutions of up to 1920 by 1080p 60 (59.94p), and it supports both NTSC and PAL broadcast frame rates. Other notable features include a locking EF mount.

The sensor of the camera is Super 35mm in size, and it has a dynamic range of 12 stops and an ISO that can go as high as 204,800. In addition to supporting EOS Standard, Wide DR, and Canon Log, it gives you the ability to configure up to six individualized image settings to preserve highlight and shadow detail.

Because the body of the camera is on the compact side, it is ideal for taking pictures from places that are difficult to access. It comes equipped with a digital teleconverter that can be adjusted to create a zoom effect of either 2x, 4x or 8x.

The camera has a genlock-in that allows it to be integrated into a multi-camera shoot. Additionally, the camera has a 2.5mm stereo mini jack and an RS-422 port for control. It has two HD/3G-SDI outputs and one HDMI output. Either the built-in XLR connection with four pins or the built-in Phoenix connector with two pins can be used to provide the camera with 12 VDC power.

This camera, which comes in the form of a little box, has a wide range of capabilities and may be concealed easily. You are able to adapt the camera for a wide range of uses by making use of the various available attachments.

This is an HD camera body that is capable of recording video in resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080 at 59.94P/59.94i/50.00P/50.00i/29.97P/25.00P/23.98P.

The inclusion of professional connections, such as HD/3G-SDI connectors and genlock input, makes it possible for the camera to be readily included in a workflow including many cameras. Both the HDMI and the first SDI output have access to the on-screen display (OSD).

The camera has a built-in filter stack that consists of a clear filter, an ND 1/8 filter, and an ND 1/64 filter in addition to an IR cut filter. Because of this, you have the ability to select whether or not to use the IR cut filter in the same manner that you select from the built-in ND filters.

The camera comes equipped with both One-Shot AF and Push Auto Iris as standard capabilities. Using a dedicated button, the One-Shot AF makes it easier to make adjustments to the focus. An external monitor allows for the confirmation of the focus status.

When you push the Auto Iris button, the lens’ aperture will be automatically adjusted to help you quickly and easily maintain the correct exposure, even in conditions where the lighting is constantly changing.

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