Canon’s Creator Lab and Student Advantage Program Help Make Photographers, Not Just Buyers

Canon’s Creator Lab and Student Advantage Program Help Make Photographers, Not Just Buyers

As part of what I’m calling Canon Canada’s new “community-building mandate,” it just launched Canon Creator Lab. These days, a lot of businesses talk about building community and making a place where people can grow. Most of it seems at best to be empty words.

Canon Canada, on the other hand, is putting time and money into a free hub that will help photographers improve and connect with each other. As a Canadian, I’m proud that the Canadian branch of Canon wants to lead the world of photography in this area.
The Creator Lab at Canon Canada is focused on a few key areas.

Sail Into Summer by Canon Canada.

Creator Lab will let people in on events before anyone else. Photographers, for example, can sign up for live workshops like Sail into Summer: Toronto, which took place last week.

The workshop on the 165-foot tall ship Kajama was meant to bring together creative people from Toronto while they were out on the water at sunset. During the sunset cruise, Canon Canada gave participants private access to the ship. This gave them the chance to connect with other creators, use a variety of gear, and work with styled talent on board.

People who sign up for Creator Lab will be able to try out new cameras and lenses before anyone else.

Canon Canada, Frame Lab

Creator Lab is also a way to get to Canon Canada’s new Frame Lab, a high-end printing and framing shop with fair prices.

The Student Advantage Program from Canon Canada

Creator Lab will also be where Canon’s Pro Services and a new version of the Student Advantage program for high school and college students can be found. Now that it is free, the Student Advantage program:

  • Some cameras, lenses, and printers are on sale.
  • 20% off on repairs and service
  • Service and repair did quickly
  • Free shipping for repairs that aren’t covered by the warranty
  • Membership is free.
  • Creator Lab is also offering 24 short workshops led by Canon Ambassadors and other well-known photographers.
  • With Dennis Prescott, we talked about food photography and styling.
  • Nicole Ashley taught a class called “Posing and Direction for Emotional Storytelling” and
  • With Ajani Charles, “Mental Health for Creatives.”

There is also a series called “behind the lens” that tells the stories of Canon Canada’s Ambassadors, like Natasha Gershon, and gives some of their success tips.

How do you feel? From where I’m sitting, it looks like Canon Canada is the first to offer a way to connect with its products in a way that will make photographers better, not just better customers.

All photos were taken by Canon Canada Ambassadors and given credit to the people who took them or were given by Canon Canada.

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