Fujifilm wins seven Red Dots… but just one for a camera (and 2 for face cream)

Fujifilm wins seven Red Dots… but just one for a camera (and 2 for face cream)

Fujifilm has won seven prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, but only one of them was for a camera. Instead, the company has won more awards for its cosmetics.

Fujifilm won seven Red Dot Awards in the Brands & Communication Design category, which is a new high point for the company. As a result, the award didn’t go to the groundbreaking new Fujifilm X-H2S. Instead, it was the Instax Mini Evo, with its charming retro style, that brought home the bacon (well, one of the seven slices of it).

The Red Dot Design Awards website says, “The Instax Mini Evo is a streamlined digital instant camera that looks, feels, and sounds like an analog camera.”

“The retro look of the camera comes from the way the housing is made. It has metal parts and a black surface that is easy to hold. Also, physical buttons and dials are used to control digital functions. For example, users can choose from 10 lens modes by turning the lens dial, and the print function is turned on by pulling the film advance lever.”

And why did the jury decide to give the instant camera a prestigious Red Dot? “The Instax Mini Evo instant camera does a good job of combining the look and feel of an analog camera with all the features of a digital camera.”

So, what else has Fujifilm won awards for? Unless you know a lot about the company’s work that isn’t photography, the answer is “a lot of stuff you probably wouldn’t have guessed.”

It won an award for its Pixel Shift Combiner software for cameras like the Fujifilm GFX 100S and its Synapse Vincent image analysis system, which turns CT and MRI scans into 3D images (which actually won the Best of the Best Award).

The Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS-X series of binoculars, the labels for its line of chemical reagents, the Astalift Opme intensive hydrating cream, and the Astalift Men Starter Kit skincare set also won awards.

So, now you know. Fujifilm now has seven trophies, and we all know that Fujifilm also makes facial products that have won awards.

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