Hasselblad hints at a new camera reveal for early September

Hasselblad hints at a new camera reveal for early September

Hasselblad, a famous company that makes professional cameras, has released a teaser ad that strongly hints at the release of a new camera soon. Even though we don’t know for sure, the mysterious event is set for September 7, and it seems to be for a new mirrorless camera that looks like Hasselblad’s X series.

The piece of advertising is very simple, but it does its job well: The teaser is posted on Hasselblad’s social media channels with a link to the company’s website, where interested viewers can sign up for a calendar alert. The teaser itself is just a picture of a mirrorless camera against a black background and the date and time of the unknown event.

With that in mind, the website Photo Rumors has heard that this well-known Swedish company is working on a new camera. Even though there isn’t much truth to the rumor, it has been going around for months, which is surprising. Part of the speculation around the supposed camera includes a possible 100-megapixel sensor.

The cameras made by Hasselblad are almost legendary in the photography world, even though the company doesn’t release new models as often as other brands. Their last announcement was for the 907x in August 2020, but the camera shown in the current teaser has a different design that looks more like the 2019 version of the brand’s X1D II 50C.

If a new camera does come out in September, it will not be cheap. When it came out in 2019, the X1D cost just under $9,000, but its price has since dropped to a much more reasonable $5,750.

This price is closer to that of high-end cameras made by Fujifilm, a competitor, whose medium-format mirrorless GFX models sell for between $5,000 and $7,000. So, a new Hasselblad could cost anywhere between $7,000 and $9,000.

Hasselblad isn’t the only well-known high-end camera company that is said to be working on a new product. We’ve already said that Leica seems to be getting ready to release its own new camera, which might even be able to shoot film. In the case of Leica, the news is likely to come out at a brand event in Germany in October.

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