The idea that video blogging will only be a passing fad was held by many people, however, it’s safe to say that this forecast was not correct. The use of vlogs is becoming increasingly popular among content providers as a method of extending and deepening their audience’s engagement. On the other hand, if you don’t know what you’re doing, shooting and editing vlogs may be a very time-consuming process.

Despite the fact that I have frequently recorded and produced movies for a wide variety of reasons, I have never posted anything to a video blog. I have friends that video blog, and I even have family members who do it, but unless you give it a go yourself, you have no idea how challenging it can be.

Then, while I was evaluating a gimbal for the iPhone, I decided to produce a vlog one day (even though it would have fewer talking head things and more narrative), and I quickly found that it’s difficult if you don’t have a tight process. I’ll explain.

When you’re just starting out with video editing, not only is it common for you to have no idea what the finished product of your film will look like, but you also don’t know which shots you’ll require until you begin editing. The editing portion of the equation was also a hazard in its own right.

Videos such as the one that was posted above by Peter Lindgren may help you save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent learning things the hard way by making errors. Of course, a lot of the problems are caused by a lack of experience. The fact that Lindgren has spent many years developing his video blogging skills is reflected in the high quality of the content he produces.

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