How To Format Memory Card on Canon EOS Rebel T8i


Format the memory card with this camera if it has never been used before, even if it has been formatted (initialized) in the past by another camera or computer.

Choose [Setup: Format card] from the menu.

How To Format Memory Card on Canon EOS Rebel T8i 1

Prepare the card for use.

How To Format Memory Card on Canon EOS Rebel T8i 2

Tap the [OK] button.

How To Format Memory Card on Canon EOS Rebel T8i 3

To do low-level formatting, first, click [OK] and then hit the [Erase] button. This will add a checkmark to the [Low-level format] heading.

Advice Conditions that need specific card formatting

It is a brand-new card.
The memory card was formatted by either an additional camera or a computer.
The memory card is packed with either pictures or data.
An error that pertains to cards is presented.
Formatting at a low level.
If the pace of writing or reading on the card feels slow or if you wish to completely remove the data that is stored on the card, you should perform a low-level format.

Due to the fact that low-level formatting will format all recordable sectors on the card, the formatting process will take significantly more time than standard formatting.

When you are formatting at a low level, you have the option to cancel the formatting by clicking [Cancel]. Even in this scenario, the standard formatting will already be finished, and you will be able to use the card as you normally would.

Formats for card files

The FAT32 file system will be used to format SD and SDHC cards. exFAT will be used as the format for SDXC cards.

Since individual movies that are recorded to exFAT cards are recorded as a single file (without breaking them into numerous files) even if they are larger than 4 GB, the movie file that is produced as a consequence will be larger than 4 GB.

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