It is possible that you may need to format an SD card before using it on your camera. If you have used the SD card in any other product in the past, you need to make sure that any data you have stored on the card has been backed up before you format the card.

Make sure that the LOCK tab on the SD card is turned off before using it. If the lock is engaged, formatting the card will not be an option for you.

Please ensure that the camera’s battery has adequate power before formatting the SD card, and make sure that the camera is not turned off while the card is being formatted.

  • To access the menu, press [MENU] on the camera.
  • Click the [Setup] button.

At this point, you will be required to choose between [Slot 1] and [Slot 2] if your camera has more than one SD card slot. In order to avoid accidentally formatting the wrong card, it is suggested that you only have a card inserted into one of the slots at any given time.

  • Pick the [Format] option.
  • To access the menu, either press the button labeled “Menu” or use the right arrow selection.
  • To select “Yes,” click here.

The formatting of the SD card will now begin.

Clearing a Memory Card on a Computer

This method is quicker and less complicated than others. The majority of people appreciate it because it combines control and speed. Since your SD card is still inserted, the formatting should be completed at this time. On Windows and Mac, the procedure is carried out in a different way. The following is a list of the steps that you will take.

For Microsoft Windows 10/11

Within “File Explorer,” locate your memory card by navigating to the panel on the left side of the window. To format the item in the list, right-click it and select “Format…” After that, a pop-up window will show up.

How To Format Memory Card on Panasonic Lumix LX10

It is recommended that you use the setting for the format that is compatible with your camera or that you will need for the next project, which is exFat. Do not change the default allocation size; instead, rename the drive in the field labeled “Volume Label.” After that, select “Start” from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.

For use with Mac OS

To begin, you will need to launch “Disk Utility” and then use “Finder” to move to the Applications> Utility folder. Once there, “Disk Utility” will be waiting for you. Alternately, you can open “Spotlight search” by simultaneously pressing the “Command” and “Spacebar” keys, then search for “Disk Utility” using that. After you have opened the application, go to the left panel and choose your drive from the drop-down menu.

How To Format Memory Card on Panasonic Lumix LX10

Select “Erase” from the menu located in the header, and a new window will pop up with additional options. Next, enter your name in the “Name” field, and select the “Format” option that corresponds to your camera’s capabilities. Although some people use Fat32, the answer that is most reliable is exFAT.

Step 3: Remove the memory card from the device it’s been installed in.
Eject the drive from the computer, and insert the SD card back into the camera where it came from.

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