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How To Format Memory Card on Sony a55

On the player, you will see the option to format a microSD card.

If you format the microSD card, all of the data that is currently saved on the card will be lost. Create a backup copy before you start. Be careful not to remove crucial data.

Tap the menu choices in the following sequence on the screen that displays the library.

– [Settings] – [Device Settings] ([Basic Settings]) – [Reset/Format] – [Format SD Card] – [Reset/Format]

Take note of the instructions that appear on the screen. Be sure to read the 

messages over carefully and confirm them.

Please note that the player must be used to format the microSD card. Otherwise, some of the player’s functions could be restricted in some way.

What to Do in the Event That You Format Your Memory Card inadvertently

Even if there is a further confirmation step, there is a chance that you will not have enough time to change your mind and decide that you do not want to format the memory card. This is the case even if there is an additional confirmation step. Your photographs have been deleted from the site, at least in theory. In point of fact, though, it is still feasible for them to be retrieved at some point in the future.

As a first step in solving the issue, you should terminate all use of the memory card. If it is at all possible, you should refrain from adding anything new to the document under any circumstances. After you have done that, it is time to launch some data recovery software on your personal computer.

There are a few alternatives to choose from, and even though they all carry out duties that are analogous, they do it in various methods. However, many of the paid ones have a trial version that, at the very least, enables you to see what can be recovered, and after that, you can choose whether or not to purchase a license in order to actually be able to perform a recovery. Some of them are free, while others require payment; however, some of the paid ones have a trial version that enables you to see what can be recovered.

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