How To Format Memory Card on Sony a6600

This is an easy-to-follow instruction that will teach you how to format memory cards in the Sony a66000 camera so that you can release storage space and get the memory card ready to use in an exact manner that the camera requires.

After you have downloaded all of the photos from a memory card in your Sony a66000 and saved them in a secure location (with a backup, of course), it is time to delete the photos from the card so that there is space for new ones to be stored on the card.

Even while you could, in theory, remove each one separately by clicking the delete button (the icon that looks like a trash can), doing so would be a very long and laborious process. Formatting the memory card is a far superior solution, and it also happens to be one that is significantly safer.

When you format an SD card, not only will the photographs and movies that were previously stored on the card be removed, but the card will also be set up in the manner that is desired and expected by the camera. And thus lowers the likelihood of making mistakes. 1

Format Menu System for the Sony a66000

You may locate the Format option on the menu system displayed on the rear screen of the Sony a66000 by going to page 5 of the tab labeled with the toolbox icon.

Format Memory Card on Sony a6600 1

When the memory card is formatted, all of the data that was previously stored on it is removed (although it might still be recoverable). Therefore, when you select that menu choice, you will be prompted for authorization.

Format Memory Card on Sony a6600 2

The formatting of the card will then take a few minutes, during which time you will see an orange progress indicator.

Format Memory Card on Sony a6600 3

When it is finished, it will take you straight back to the main menu without you having to do anything.

What to Do in the Event That You Format Your Memory Card inadvertently
Even though there is an additional confirmation step, there is still a possibility that you will not have enough time to change your mind and decide that you do not want to format the memory card. In principle, your photos have been removed. In actuality, though, it is feasible that they can still be recovered.

Stop making use of the memory card as the first step in fixing the problem. If there’s any way you can avoid doing so, you should avoid adding anything else to it. After that, it’s time to pull up some data recovery software on your computer.

There are a few options available, and while they all perform functions that are comparable, they do so in distinctive ways. Some of them are free, while others require payment; however, many of the paid ones have a trial version that, at the very least, enables you to see what can be recovered, after which you can choose whether or not to purchase a license in order to actually be able to perform a recovery.

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