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How To Update Canon EOS Rebel T6i Firmware

Download the most recent firmware for your CANON EOS Rebel T6i from the official Canon website.
Install it in the directory that is the root of the SD card.

  • Put SD Card in CANON EOS Rebel T6i.
  • Start up your Canon DSLR camera, and make sure the shooting mode is set to M.
  • Click Menu Button.
  • CANON EOS Rebel T6i menu button
  • Make your way laterally through the menu by clicking the appropriate buttons, then pick the Wrench Icon.
  • You will need to press the A button in order to go laterally through the menu of the CANON EOS Rebel T6i.
  • You may move through the menu and select Firmware by using the Keys in place of the arrows.
  • On the CANON EOS Rebel T6i, the keys that function as the up and down arrows are.
  • Press Set Button.
  • CANON EOS Rebel T6i set button
  • Choose OK, and then double-check your selection by clicking Set once more.
  • Select the new firmware, then push the Set button.
  • Click the Set button to reaffirm your decision.
  • Automatic installation of a new version will take place.

Awesome! You are able to use all of the options and features that are available now that the CANON EOS Rebel T6i is operating on the most recent software.


These instructions are meant to serve as an example; if you choose to follow them, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for any consequences that may result. Always be sure to follow the recommendations from the manufacturer.


It is possible that the camera will not work properly if these guidelines are not adhered to.

  • When performing a firmware update, it is imperative that you only use a Battery Pack that has a full charge or a specialized AC Adapter Kit.
  • Before continuing with the firmware upgrade, make sure that the lens, the external speedlite, and any other attachments are removed from the camera.
  • During the firmware upgrade, you must avoid turning the camera’s power off or touching any of its buttons.
  • During the updating of the firmware, you should not open the card slot cover.
  • During the firmware update, you should not touch any of the camera’s buttons, dials, or switches in any way.

Download Canon EOS Rebel T6i Firmware Here

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