Update utilizing the body of the Panasonic GX9 camera

When updating the lens firmware on your camera, please make sure that the firmware on your camera body has been brought up to the most recent version first.

Workflow for Updating the Panasonic Lumix GX9 Firmware

  • Preparation of the software upgrade program
  • Check that the camera and lens both have the most recent versions of their respective firmware.
  • To update the file, download it first.
  • Make a copy of the extracted firmware update application onto an SD memory card.

(You will need to utilize a microSD memory card in order to take pictures with a camera that uses one.)

Products used in the preparation

  • A battery that has been fully charged

When the battery has not been completely charged, the updating process might fail.

  • A Memory Card with SD

It is imperative that the SD Memory Card be formatted using the camera that you are working with.

The protocol for the update

  • Make preparations for the software upgrade program
  • Verify that the camera body and lens each have the most recent firmware version installed.

This section will walk you through the steps necessary to determine the firmware version installed on both the camera body and the lens of your device.

The camera’s housing and its lens

  • Extract the file after downloading it for the update. Download the file.

You can get the firmware that you’ll be using at the end

  • Make a copy of the extracted firmware update application onto an SD memory card.
  • Put the file that contains the firmware on the SD Memory Card. It should be [xxxxxxxx.bin] or [xxxxxxxx.lin].

Make sure that you do not copy more than one firmware file (either [xxxxxxxx.bin] or [xxxxxxxx.lin]) to the device.

the identical SD Memory Card in both cases.

If there are two or more firmware files saved on the SD Memory Card, the upgrade of the firmware might fail.

Download Panasonic Lumix GX9 Firmware Here

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