The Sony a6400 now has access to firmware version 2.00 after it was recently made available. This firmware update improves the general stability of the a6400 as well as adding real-time Eye AF for animals (my guide on how to set it up), support for the RMT-P1BT wireless remote commander (my guide on how to set it up and use it), and more.

Be sure to follow the installation instruction suggestions on the download page, especially for Mac computers because the process is not as straightforward as it is for other operating systems. If English is not your first language, I suggest going to the help section of the Sony website that is relevant to your region. When doing the update on the a6400, it is recommended that you make use of the micro-USB cable that was included with the device.

  • There is a helpful video on YouTube created by Jason Vong that you may watch if you are having trouble installing it on your Mac.
  • If you need assistance with utilizing Animal Eye AF, please check out the appropriate chapter in the online help guide for the a6400.
  • When you have finished installing the latest firmware update, you might find the following tutorial for setting up Animal Eye AF helpful:
  • Benefits and Enhancements Available in the Sony a6400 Firmware Version 2.00
  • Eye AF in real-time is now available for animals.
  • It is important to note that the simultaneous detection of human and animal eyes is not supported.
  • Eye detection could not be feasible at all, depending on factors such as the terrain, the species of animal, and the behavior of the animal.
One small tip: To detect animal eyes, arrange the composition so that both eyes and the nose of the animal are within the angle of view. It does work sometimes with just one eye in view but works better with two. It also works best on animals with cat and dog-like faces, don’t expect it to work well on birds.

Support for the RMT-P1BT wireless remote commander is now included (sold separately)
Increases the degree to which the camera may be held steady.

Download Sony a6400 Firmware Here

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