The Sony a6600 now has access to the latest firmware update, version 1.10, courtesy of Sony.

The update essentially merely adds compatibility for the brand-new Sony LA-EA5A adapter, in addition to the usual statement from Sony, which reads, “Improves the overall stability of the camera.”

v.1.10 Benefits & Improvements

  • Support for the LA-EA5A-Mount Adapter is included in this update (sold separately)
  • All A-mount lenses may be used with the LA-EA5A-Mount Adapter.
  • The focal plane phase-detection AF, as well as the autofocus and high-speed continuous shooting functions, are all supported in full by this camera.
  • coverage of a large portion of the focus plane with phase-detection AF
  • AF functions that are dependent on subject detection, such as Real-time Eye AF (for humans and animals) and Real-time Tracking AF/AE tracking during continuous shooting at up to 11 frames per second.


  • STF lenses are solely capable of manual focusing.
  • There is no support for the use of teleconverters with any of the A-Mount Adapters.
  • If you are making a video with your camera while using the LA-EA5 A-Mount Adapter, autofocus will not be accessible.
  • When using AE tracking, the aperture remains unchanged for the first frame; instead, the shutter speed and ISO are modified to get the desired exposure.

Download Sony a6600 FirmwareHere

US Download: Win | Mac
UK Download: Win | Mac

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