Is The Nikon Z8 Coming Next Month – And Will It Kill The Nikon Z7 Ii?

Is The Nikon Z8 Coming Next Month – And Will It Kill The Nikon Z7 Ii?

It is said that the Nikon Z8 will be released soon. It is said to have the same sensor as a Sony camera, but it could be a Nikon body that is the first victim of the war.

Nikon Z8 rumors have been going around for a while, and the latest news is that the camera is already being tested in the field and could be released as soon as next month. But even though it’s thought to have the same 61MP sensor as the Sony A7R IV, the Nikon Z7 II could be the first target for the Z8.

“Next month, Nikon will announce a NEW camera. It could be the Z8 (which is already being tested) or the Z6 III,” said how2fly, a reliable camera tipper.

When you read between the lines, it’s interesting that the Nikon Z6 III (which is obviously the successor to the Nikon Z6 II) is mentioned, but we haven’t heard anything about a Z7 III. This makes us wonder if Nikon agrees with us that a Z8 would probably hurt the 7 series.

The Nikon Z8 has a 61MP Sony Exmor R sensor, dual CFexpress Type B memory card slots, better image stabilization, a new resolution shift mode that can take 240MP photos, an ISO range of 64 to 25,600 (expandable to 32-102,400), and possibly uncropped 6K or 8K video.

So, would people still want a 45.7MP Z7 II with first-generation camera tech, cropped 4K 60p, and SD and CFexpress memory card slots that don’t match?

Nikon’s Z range does seem to have a lot of overlap, with the Nikon Z FC and Nikon Z50 both crossing over and the new Nikon Z30 still trying to find its feet. How things turn out will be interesting to watch…

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