Is this the new black Nikon Zf camera?

Is this the new black Nikon Zf camera?

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A picture of a new black Nikon Zf camera that has been stolen and uploaded by Nikon Rumors. Is this a hoax or a genuine deal? What are your thoughts? For purposes of comparison, the image below was taken with a Nikon Z FC.

It is quite improbable that such a stunning leaked photograph would suddenly arise without any rumors circulating, which is why I believe that there is a significant likelihood that it is false, but what do you think about it?

The image shows that the location of the dial on the right shoulder of the body is different from Z FC, and the button for removing the lens has moved to the other side of where it was previously located. There is no longer an AF auxiliary light located on the left shoulder, and it appears to have a compact grip similar to that of the Nikon F3.

If a full-size version of the machine Z f with such a design is ever produced, consumers may gravitate toward purchasing it.

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