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JVC GY-HC550U Manual

Not only are you able to record excellent video in a variety of codecs and frame rates when using the GY-HC550U camera from JVC, but you also have the option to live to stream your high-definition content from virtually any location. And all it takes to monitor your broadcast from a faraway location is the easy touch of a button.

Shoot in UHD 4K and record ProRes files into an optional internal SSD drive; in addition, it now streams over a built-in Wireless LAN transmitter and SRT Wireless Protocol. Both of these features are included in the GY-HC550U, which also accomplishes everything else you might want from a camera.


Let’s begin with the camcorder portion of the JVC GY-HC550U, which has a one-inch, 9.35 Megapixel CMOS sensor that is immediately located behind a built-in, mechanical three ND filter F/2.8 9 to 189mm 20x zoom lens (40x lossless zoom when shooting in HD and using Dynamic Zoom). You are able to record in 4K ultra high definition, 1080i or 1080p, 720p, or standard definition as a proxy, as well as HDR in 10-bit JLog1 or HLG. The recordings can be viewed through an electronic viewfinder that uses LCOS technology and has 1.2 million dots, or on a high-resolution LCOS Quad VGA LCD monitor that is four inches in size.

If your workflow involves live streaming video at up to 20 Mbps from your camera to a remote location using the built-in H.264 encoder or an optional HEVC encoder and either via WLAN (Wi-Fi) or the LAN terminal, the GY-HC550U is the ideal choice so long as there is access to the internet. If your workflow involves live broadcasting at 1080 60p, the GY-HC550U is the ideal choice. You have the option of using a switcher (such as a Tricaster, vMix, or Roland) or a BR-DE900 decoder in the studio or anywhere else you will be monitoring the signal.

Streaming technology, in my opinion, is what will shape the future of video. Although this capability is available on mobile phones, the quality does not meet the criteria for broadcasting. This broadcast standard has been accomplished by JVC, and as a result, you are able to stream your film to whatever site you want.

In addition, the GY-HC550U supports IFB and returns video over IP, and it has auto FTP functionality so that your data may be transmitted without your intervention.

Download JVC GY-HC550U Manual Here