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JVC GY-HM650SC Manual

The JVC GY-HM650SC ProHD Sports Coaching Camera extends the capabilities of the GY-HM650 by adding features that are particular to sports coaching. It is also intended to interact with the XOS Thunder HD Platform, which shortens the amount of time needed to upload video of games and practices.

The camera has great low-light performance, a lightweight and user-friendly design, and exceptional advanced capabilities, making it possible to collect mobile news in a quick, efficient, and high-quality manner. The camera has a live output of 4:2:2, although the recording mode is 4:2:0.

The HM650SC comes with an integrated GPS system, WiFi connectivity that enables FTP file uploads, and remote control and remote viewing applications for both iOS and Android. In addition, a dual codec recording capacity enables simultaneous capture in HD and SD, or HD and 14 HD, for distribution over the web.

The maximum resolution that each of the three 1/3-inch 12-bit CMOS sensors is capable of achieving is 1920 by 1080. Long and broad shots may be captured with a Fujinon 23x autofocus zoom lens that also has manual control over its functions. In addition to a built-in 3-position neutral density filter, the camera has a sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux.

HD-SDI and HDMI are both available as connection options. MPEG-2, AVCHD, as well as SD and Proxy H.264, are the formats included in the extensive recording possibilities. There are two slots available for SDXC and SDHC cards, so you may record continuously with twin backups. When shooting on the go, the added versatility provided by a viewfinder, LCD display, and built-in microphone is quite helpful.

It is necessary data for the metrics used in player tracking and biometrics recording systems that time-of-day timecode be recorded into your media. The new JVC GY-HM650SC ProHD camera comes equipped with built-in GPS functionality, which allows the camera to retrieve coordinated universal time (UTC) via satellite. Additionally, the camera embeds a real-time reference inside the video metadata.

This makes it easier to synchronize many cameras with the biometric data obtained by player monitoring devices that are optionally available. Because there is such a large amount of data, it is possible for a coach to quickly pinpoint the piece of video that corresponds to any particular biometric or positional data point.

The GYHM650SC comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that enables you to enter particular information pertaining to the game being played (offense, defense, kickoff, etc.). The information is then able to be read by the XOS Thunder platform, which enables the system to automatically categorize plays and divide them into the relevant folders. This can save hours of post-recording trimming and labeling time when compared to standard coaching procedures.

Using the built-in streaming facilities of the GY-HM650SC, you are able to submit footage straight to the analytics platform either as a stream or an FTP upload after each play. This may be done over a 4G LTE connection or over Wi-Fi. As a consequence of this, the video does not need to be manually uploaded, and as a result, the players and coaches are able to watch the video as soon as the game or practice is over.

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