Leica S2

Leica S2

The Leica S2 SLR Digital Camera (Body Only) combines the outstanding imaging quality of digital medium-format with a small and ergonomic design to provide an incredible photographic experience. The S2 shoots 37.5-megapixel images in the typical 3:2 aspect ratio, thanks to a big 30x45mm CCD sensor on the back of the camera.

The body, which is comparable in shape to a current 35mm DSLR, was created to provide the highest possible resolution in a compact package. Simple controls and a straightforward menu structure make operating the camera both quick and incredibly intuitive. The camera creates a RAW file that is 72.5 MB in size and a JPG file that is 106.6 MB in size. This opens up to a picture that is larger than 16 x 24 “at a resolution of 300 DPI

There are three of them “The LCD screen lets you see your photographs while on the go, and the Color OLED window provides quick access to the camera’s settings and information. When working in the studio, you may also connect through the LEMO push-pull USB connector to your computer and work tethered to your PC.

Weather- and dust-resistant seals, as well as a magnesium body, ensure that professional performance is maintained even in the most demanding environments.

In contrast to typical medium format systems, the Leica S2 makes use of both Central Shutter technology (which allows for flash sync speeds of up to 1/500 second) and a focal-plane shutter, which allows for ambient light subjects to be captured at speeds of up to 1/4000 second.

This one-of-a-kind dual-shutter system provides remarkable shooting versatility for anything from fashion to reportage jobs.

A number of other features include superior focusing capabilities, a broad ISO sensitivity range (from 80 to 1250), dual CF and SD card interfaces, and a selection of S-System lenses. The Leica S2 is a superb choice for professional commercial, studio, and fine-art photographers because of its precise design and handling, as well as its exceptional image quality.

Sensor with a field of view that is larger than the whole frame

In terms of size, the Leica S2’s 37.5-megapixel picture sensor is over 60 percent bigger than a 35mm full-frame image sensor, placing it in a league of its own. It is also specifically engineered to make the most of the newest Leica S Series lenses to their maximum potential.

It makes use of Leica S lenses.

Using Leica S lenses ensures that you will always receive a superior image, no matter what shooting conditions you are in. Because the lenses were created with the S-System sensor in mind, your photographs will be free of vignetting and distortion no matter how near you are to the subject, how close you zoom in, or how wide you shoot.

The S lenses are likewise waterproof and dustproof, and they make use of the camera’s built-in central shutter to provide rapid response times and flash synchronization with the camera.

A Wide Range of Lens Options

A broad range of lenses is available for the Leica S-System, including standard lenses, wide-angle and telephoto lenses, as well as macro lenses, which are suitable for a wide range of photographic applications, from detailed product pictures to trip photography to birdwatching and much more.

Shift-tilt, ultra-wide-angle, and extreme telephoto lenses are among the specialized lenses that are either now available or in development.

System for Accurate AF

It is not necessary to use trial and error to achieve the ideal picture quality as is common with other SLR autofocus systems. The Auto Focus technology included in the S2 is fast and accurate, eliminating the need for trial and error to achieve the perfect image quality.

In addition, the AF system is silent. Manual Focus may be selected on the camera, and an electronic sharpness indicator is provided to ensure that your MF photographs are as crisp as possible while in Manual Focus mode.

A system with two shutters

In addition, the camera is equipped with a unique dual-shutter system. Its quick shutter speed of up to 1/4000 second is enabled by the focal-plane shutter, and the central shutter built into its lens system ensures that flash synchronization is maintained in any lighting condition, making it an excellent studio imaging system.

MAESTRO is a digital image processor.

The proprietary MAESTRO Image Processing employs twin processor chips to deliver rapid operating and shooting speeds, as well as high ISO with little noise and a comprehensive selection of strong shooting settings. The MAESTRO Image Processor is available only from Canon. In addition, the CPU supports the simultaneous recording of JPEG and DNG RAW picture file formats on a single computer.

3.0 megapixels of high resolution “LCD Display (Liquid Crystal Display)

The 3.0 is a version of 3.0 “In addition to having more than 460,000 pixels for clear and detailed photographs, the S2’s LCD display on the back of the camera makes confirming focus and composition easier than it does on other digital SLR cameras. The LCD screen also provides users with the ability to examine photos and data from a broad range of viewing angles.

Viewfinder with a lot of brightness and clarity

The Leica S2’s viewfinder is highly bright and gives a plethora of shooting information indications, in addition to a clear and exact image, in addition to being clear and precise. The viewfinder also has built-in diopter adjustment, allowing users to see clearly without the need for prescription glasses.

OLED (Organic LED) Information Display

The camera’s top surface is equipped with a full-color Organic LED display that is clearly visible from any viewing angle, even in broad sunshine. When using the camera, it gives a quick and simple method to determine its current condition, as well as its current exposure and focus settings.

Ergonomic Design with a Small Footprint

The Leica S2 is exceptionally pleasant to hold and operate, despite the fact that it is lighter and smaller than the majority of digital SLR cameras on the market today. Due to the camera’s small weight and compact form, it is a delight to carry about, even whether trekking through dense jungle or fighting for position at a press conference.

In addition, the straightforward control placement makes using the camera both simple and pleasant, making it a worthwhile investment. A vertical grip with a release button is also available as an optional accessory for taking simpler portrait photographs.

Camera Functions That Are Simple to Use

The menus and information displayed on the camera are put up in a logical manner, allowing for straightforward use, and the camera’s 4-way controller and thumb wheel are conveniently located for easy access to the camera’s features and functions.

In addition, many of the camera’s display settings and features may be modified to the user’s preference, making the camera even more convenient to use.

Dust- and water-resistant

There is water- and dust-resistant seals on every millimeter of the Leica S2, allowing you to shoot outside in adverse conditions, as well as in dry and dusty situations, while remaining certain that your camera will perform to its maximum potential and produce spectacular photographs.

Connection to an interface that is secure

When it comes to its USB interface, the Leica S2 makes use of a distinctive LEMO push-pull connector. It also has an HDMI video output as well as a flash sync connection.

Memory Card Slots on Both Sides

A total of two memory card slots are available on the Leica S2 – one for CompactFlash cards and the other for Secure Digital (SD/SDHC) cards. In this way, a user may choose between the two most common memory card formats and benefit from the specific characteristics of each system.

Leica S2 Specs

Body typeLarge SLR
Max resolution7500 x 5000
Effective pixels38 megapixels
Sensor sizeMedium format (45 x 30 mm)
Sensor typeCCD
ISOAuto (80-1250)
Image stabilizationUnknown
Uncompressed formatRAW
AutofocusPhase DetectSingleContinuous
Manual focusYes
Lens mountLeica S
Articulated LCDFixed
Screen size3″
Screen dots460,000
Viewfinder typeOptical (pentaprism)
Viewfinder coverage96%
Viewfinder magnification0.86×
Minimum shutter speed32 sec
Maximum shutter speed1/4000 sec
Aperture priorityYes
Shutter priorityYes
Manual exposure modeYes
Subject/scene modesNo
Built-in flashNo
External flashYes
Continuous drive1.5 fps
Metering modesMultiCenter-weightedSpot
USBUSB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
Remote controlYes
BatteryBattery Pack
Weight (inc. batteries)1410 g (3.11 lb / 49.74 oz)
Dimensions160 x 120 x 81 mm (6.3 x 4.72 x 3.19″)

Leica S2 Price

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