Most likely, Nikon is done making new DSLRs.

Most likely, Nikon is done making new DSLRs.

Nikon will probably stop making DSLR cameras, which isn’t a big surprise to most people. Instead, they will focus on their mirrorless cameras.
Nikkei Asia says that Nikon will stop making new DSLR cameras and put all of its attention on its mirrorless cameras. The company’s last DSLR, the D6, came out in early 2020. It mostly improved on the D5, which was a sign that the company was winding down DSLR development.

Nikkei says that the strong competition from smartphone cameras was a factor in Nikon’s decision. The company decided to focus on making cameras with features that set them apart from phones. Still, the company plans to keep making and selling DSLRs for the time being, and it’s not clear when it will stop. Nikon issued the following statement in response:

“There was a media article regarding Nikon’s withdrawal of SLR development. This media article is only speculation and Nikon has made no announcement in this regards. Nikon is continuing the production, sales, and service of digital SLR. Nikon appreciate your continuous support.”

The statement doesn’t contradict Nikkei’s article, which only said that the development of DSLRs had stopped, not that they were no longer being made. Nikon hasn’t said this for sure, but I find it hard to believe that they are putting a lot of resources into developing new DSLRs right now.

I think Canon is in a similar situation. Most likely, Pentax will be the only company making new DSLRs in the next few years.

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