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Panasonic Lumix GH6 Black Friday Deals in 2022

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Get ready for a new kind of shooting experience with the Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Cinema Camera if you’re a wedding videographer, a drone camera operator, or a multimedia journalist with professional photo still and cinema video production needs.

Panasonic is a pioneer in the Micro Four Thirds class, and their Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera is a powerful hybrid addition to the video-centric GH series that offers cutting-edge technology to cinematographers as well as photographers. The Lumix GH6 is a petite beast that challenges full-frame rivals, and it is also a pioneer in the Micro Four Thirds class.

The Venus Engine’s increased processing capacity enables faster sensor readouts, which in turn enables the camera to record 5.7K 30p video in Apple ProRes 422 HQ internally, as well as FHD 300p video and 100MP handheld photographs.

The GH6 has correct exposure over more than 13 stops, in-body stabilization that compensates for sensor movement, and a pre-installed V-log picture profile that allows it to be stitched into VariCam video.

The tiny flagship camera that Panasonic has developed may be used for still photography, as the primary workhorse for independent film, or as an additional angle for feature projects. Professionals have the option of selecting this camera for any of these uses.

This sensor, which has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, outperforms its forerunners in the GH Series thanks to updated software and silicone. Despite having a smaller cell size, it boasts a greater dynamic range than its predecessor thanks to the increased amount of pixels on the Micro Four Thirds sensor. This improvement is greater than 13 stops.

Internal recording can be done in 5.7K Apple Pro Res 422 HQ using a CFexpress Type B card, while internal recording in 10-bit 4K120p may be done using the SD slot. This camera stands out from its predecessors in a number of ways, including its capacity to record at high bitrates and its indefinitely long recording times.

In order to achieve the highest possible level of sharpness, the sensor does not have a low-pass filter, and it eliminates any moiré with the use of clever detail processing performed by its upgraded Venus engine.

This camera uses its image stabilization technology of the next generation to combine eight separate photographs into a single image with a resolution of 100 megapixels, and it does all of this without the need for a tripod.

The Venus Engine has double the power of its predecessors, which enables it to capture 300 frames per second of variable frame rate (VFR) slow motion film or 75 frames per second of continuous shooting.

While filming from an automobile’s action mount or when attempting to record slow-motion footage of rapidly moving objects, the Venus Engine’s fast sensor readout helps to prevent rolling shutter distortion, which helps maintain skyscrapers in their proper vertical position.

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