If you’re a lover of Panasonic cameras, the most recent addition to the LUMIX S line of lenses, which was only just revealed, has a whole load of powerful specifications and features going for it; enough of them, in fact, that it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at.

Pre-orders for the lens, which can be placed now at a cost of one thousand dollars (USD), can be placed in preparation for its release in October. It is the most recent addition to the range of high-speed lenses with an f/1.8 aperture that Panasonic offers at reasonable prices. This model packs powerful optical performance and a huge aperture into a body that is just somewhat large.

The new lens has fundamental specifications that give a minimum focusing distance of just 18 cm or 7.09 inches. Additionally, when the LUMIX S is used with APS-C camera models, it is capable of delivering a focal length that is similar to 27mm. In addition to that, the shortest distance setting on it is 18 centimeters, which makes it pretty helpful for capturing close-ups of little items.

It is said that the LUMIX S can scan sensor inputs at a rate of 240 frames per second while maintaining a silent operation with the brand’s autofocus (AF) technologies. It even includes capabilities for video recording, which are made possible by an internal system that prevents “focus breathing” and provides micro-step iris control for making gradual adjustments to the level of exposure in recorded videos. As a consequence of this, users of video-shooting equipment may reportedly take advantage of modifications that encompass a more comprehensive range of video recording options.

The LUMIX S has a field of view that is 100 degrees, a circular aperture with nine blades that produce high-quality, smooth bokeh, and a variety of other useful features that make it an excellent choice for photographing landscapes, architecture, and close-ups of items that need to stand out clearly.

It is also important to highlight the relatively small structure of the brand new LUMIX S 18mm lens because of its physical construction. This lens variant has a weight of only 340 grams, which is equal to 11.99 ounces, making it easily capable of fitting into tiny travel bags and camera cases. This is especially true when combined with one of Panasonic’s more compact APS-C or full-frame cameras.

Other lenses from Panasonic’s LUMIX S series that are designed for full-frame cameras should also be taken into consideration. In this category are the lenses with focal lengths of 85mm, 50mm, and 35mm respectively. The S-S24 24mm lens is the next step up from the LUMIX S 18mm lens in the Panasonic lineup.

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