However, because the online help guide for the Sony a6000 covers the camera capabilities in greater detail than the handbook does, I would really recommend looking at the online help guide instead of the manual.

If you are interested in learning how to utilize the various AF modes, then I would also recommend reading the a6000 AutoFocus Guide because it is quite good.

Guidebook for the Sony a6000

I would suggest picking up David Busch’s Sony a6000 Book if you would rather have a well-designed guidebook that you can physically touch in your hands. To get an idea of how well-received this book is, you need to go no further than the customer reviews on Amazon below.

Overview of the Contents in the Sony a6000 Manual

  • Getting Ready to Use the Camera
  • Examining the products that have been given
  • Identifying parts
  • Putting the battery pack in place
  • Putting the battery pack on charge
  • When a memory card is inserted (sold separately)
  • Putting on and taking off the lens
  • Putting the time on the clock
  • The Most Fundamental Step
  • Taking still photographs and/or videos
  • Perform Playback Operations
  • Viewing pictures
  • Functioning as a Recorder
  • Incorporation of many additional functionalities
  • Bringing Pictures into an Electronic Device
  • PlayMemories Home Features PlayMemories Home Functions Added to the Camera Features of PlayMemories Home
  • Increasing the capabilities of the camera Other
  • The number of still photos and the amount of time that movies may be recorded for
  • Instructions for operating the camera
  • Specifications

Download Manual Here

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