The New Sony A7 Iv Firmware Update Is Helpful, But Do This First

The New Sony A7 Iv Firmware Update Is Helpful, But Do This First

Sony just put out a new firmware update for its A7 IV full-frame camera, version 1.10. It has a number of useful fixes and new features, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Like an OS update for your computer, a camera firmware update should be installed when it’s available because these software packages usually fix bugs, add new features, and make your device work better. Some updates, like Ver. 1.10, can cause new problems, though, if they are not installed correctly.

This problem can be avoided, according to Sony’s own support site, by installing this particular firmware version in a certain order. The steps are right here.

Basically, though, you should check your A7 IV’s firmware version before installing the update to see if it’s still stuck at a version lower than 1.01. If so, you must first download and install update 1.05 before you can download and install Ver. 1.10. What’s the reason? Version 1.10 is incremental instead of cumulative, so it needs Version 1.05 in order to work.

Cumulative updates, on the other hand, include all of the parts of previous updates and can be installed by themselves. It would be smart to remember this difference for any future firmware updates as well.

It’s important to note that Sony now lets you install these updates without using OS installer software on your PC. Instead, you can use an SD memory card to transfer the files.

If you’re curious about what Vr. 1.10 update has to offer, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Instead of only L size, you can choose M and S sizes for RAW recording with lossless compression.
  • Keeping the flash photography-specific shutter speed and ISO sensitivity
  • The Touch Shutter feature was added.
  • Improved the accuracy of Eye AF
  • Putting your camera’s serial number in the metadata of a movie
  • In the Monitor Menu, there is a new option for saving power for 1 minute.
  • WiFi got better
  • Fix for the viewfinder’s brightness to lag behind the light outside

In other words, you should install Firmware update Ver 1.10 if you want your Sony A7 IV device to work better and have a few more features. Just make sure to look at the link for Sony support first.

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