Turn your smartphone into a smart camera with the Zacuto Smart Z-Finder

Turn your smartphone into a smart camera with the Zacuto Smart Z-Finder

Now that smartphone cameras will soon be better than DSLR cameras in terms of resolution, professional features, and a cinematic look and feel (yes, even Steven Spielberg makes movies with his phone now), you need accessories to help you get the most out of your phone. With the new Smart Z-Finder, an electronic viewfinder made for smartphones, Zacuto has a way to check on comfort, accuracy, and quality.

Image Quality

The Smart Z-Finder is mostly a viewfinder, which is an eye loupe with a comfortable eye cup that blocks out light, glare, and reflections from your smartphone screen. It has a diopter that you can change so that the image is in focus for your eyes, and it can magnify the display so you can see more detail on the screen. It also has Zacuto’s effective anti-fog technology to make sure that the image is always clear as a bell.

Use and Getting To

The design is simple: it clamps around the back of the phone and attaches directly to the screen of the phone. It covers the whole screen. It has an adjustable eye cup that can be turned horizontally or vertically, and you can easily use the smartphone’s touchscreen. The structure of the loupe makes it easier to hold than the smartphone alone, and a hand strap on the right side keeps your grip steady.

Putting on accessories

The Smart Z-Finder can also be improved for professional use by adding a number of accessories. The bottom has an Arca-type mount that makes it easy to attach to a tripod, and the top has a standard shoe mount that lets you attach a light, microphone, or other accessories.

There are also several 1/4″-20 mounting threads for adding even more accessories or mounting extensions. For the Smart Z-Finder, Zacuto will make accessories like the Marauder foldable camera rig, a bottom Director’s handgrip, a top Z-rail, or a Brow top shade that blocks even more light.

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