The Best Nikon D1 Memory Cards in 2024


best memory cards for the Nikon D1
One CompactFlash memory card slot, which may accommodate a CF card with a maximum storage size of 2GB, is available on the Nikon D1. When using a memory card greater than 2GB, the D1 will either fail to recognize the card or will show an error code.

A 2GB Compact Flash card would have been incredible when the Nikon D1 was introduced in 1999. That is now regarded as being small because storage capacities have increased significantly. In actuality, a 1GB card is probably more expensive than a 2GB card.

The read and write speeds of the few 2GB Compact Flash cards in circulation determine most of their price differences. The Transcend card will transmit files substantially more quickly than the Verbatim card when inserted into a card reader.

Time required to upload 2GB to a computer

  • 45 seconds to transcend
  • 3 minutes, 45 seconds, verbatim

The FAT16 file system is used by the Nikon D1. If you experience any difficulties accessing the files from a computer, keep that in mind. A memory card should always be formatted in the camera that it will be used. This could lessen the chance of file errors.

Best Nikon D1 Memory Cards

1. 2 GB CF Memory Card from Transcend

  • 20MB/s Write Speed.
  • 50 MB/s read speed
  • highest supported storage capacity.
  • Error correction and dynamic defect management are built-in.

Transcend’s 128GB 800x CompactFlash Memory Card UDMA has a storage capacity of 128GB, making it ideal for HD photo storage and HD video recording.
An MLC Flash chip supports the upgraded 800x speed rating and extremely fast 120 MB/s data read and 60 MB/s data write speeds, delivering improved performance and endurance. This CompactFlash card not only enables increased data rates and storage, but it also supports lower power consumption, which increases battery life.

Best Compact Flash Memory Card for Nikon

Compact Flash memory cards with capacities of 2GB or less are not produced in great quantities. The production of CF memory cards with greater capacities is the focus of manufacturers.

As a result, smaller cards have a greater cost per GB. Take advantage of used cards to save money.

2. Verbatim Compact Flash 2GB Card

  • New and reasonably priced.
  • 10 MB/s read speed
  • Low Power Consumption
  • outstanding dependability
  • High-Performance Controller for demanding applications and compatible with all popular operating systems, including DOS/WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/NT/CE, Mac OS, Epoc (PSION), and Linux
  • Strong – can endure operation stress of up to 2000 Gs
  • Low Power Consumption: prolongs the life of the battery. For flexibility, it is completely erasable.

3. 2 GB 133x Transcend Compact Flash Memory Card

  • 20MB/s Write Speed.
  • 50 MB/s read speed
  • highest supported storage capacity.
  • Error correction and dynamic defect management are built-in.

With a 16GB data storage capacity, the Transcend 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card Ultimate 1000x UDMA is a CF Type I memory card. It uses UDMA 7 technology to attain a 1000x speed rating, allowing for top read and write speeds of 160MB/s and 70MB/s, respectively.

Professional-grade, full HD movies can be recorded using the CF card’s VPG-20 technology at speeds of up to 20MB/s. The card allows extremely quick file transmission to a computer when used with a UDMA 7 capable reader (not supplied), greatly speeding up your productivity. Additionally, a limited lifetime warranty is provided.

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