The Best Nikon D4 Memory Cards in 2024


With its 16MP full-frame sensor, the Nikon D4 professional DSLR can shoot at 11 frames per second (or 10fps with continuous AF). The D4 offers improved video capabilities in addition to a number of ergonomic upgrades over its predecessor, the D3S, to the point where Nikon refers to it as a “multi-media DSLR.”

A 91,000-pixel metering sensor, an Ethernet connector, and an improved AF sensor that can operate in low light and with smaller aperture lenses are added to the camera. It has back-lit top and rear controls to make it easier to use in low light conditions, and its sensitivity range may be increased to a maximum comparable to ISO 204,800. Aside from that, the D4 is the first camera to employ the XQD memory card format.

Best Nikon D4 Memory Cards

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