The Best Nikon D3200 Memory Cards in 2024


One Secure Digital (SD) format memory card can be stored in the Nikon D3200 ($497), one of Nikon’s top entry-level DSLRs with a remarkable 24.1-megapixel sensor. The top SD memory cards for the Nikon D3200 as of 2013 are listed below.

Use Class 10 cards, which have a minimum write speed of 10 MB per second, while using the Nikon D3200 to capture HD video or NEF format (camera RAW) photos. Class 10 memory cards, as opposed to Class 6 or Class 4 cards, will aid in the seamless capturing of still images and movies, as well as the speedy transfer of those images and videos to your computer.

Most Consumers’ Favorite Card for the Nikon D3200

Extreme SanDisk memory card

1. SanDisk Extreme 16GB

  • Write Speed Minimum: 10 MB/s (Class 10)
  • Write Speed Maximum: 45 MB/s
  • 45 MB/s maximum read speed
  • DSLRs, HD video, and quicker downloading

Our selection for the finest overall SD memory card for the Nikon D3200 is the SanDisk Extreme. The SanDisk Extreme delivers write speeds of up to 45 MB per second for less than $20 for a 16GB card, outperforming less expensive cards in terms of larger files, video, and downloads. SanDisk Exteme 16-64GB cards may also function in temperatures ranging from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit and are classified as waterproof, shockproof, and X-ray proof.

Being frugal

2. Transcend 16GB

  • Write Speed Minimum: 10 MB/s (Class 10)
  • 20 MB/s maximum write speed
  • 17 MB/s maximum read speed
  • Ideal for: Video and larger files on a budget

Some of the most popular SD memory cards with a minimum write speed of 10 MB per second are from the Transcend Class 10 series (more than double the SanDisk Standard Class 4 for only a few dollars more). But the SanDisk Extreme mentioned above is more affordable ($17 for a 16GB card), far faster, and more robust.

Most rapid writing and reading rates

3. Memory card from SanDisk, the Extreme Pro 16GB ($42).

  • Write Speed Minimum: 10 MB/s (Class 10)
  • 90 MB/s maximum write speed
  • 95 MB/s maximum read speed
  • Fastest downloads, HD video, and DSLRs

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is the ideal professional SD memory card for the Nikon D3200 if you routinely shoot HD video, high-speed bursts, or transfer huge amounts of data. It is SanDisk’s fastest SD memory card, with write speeds of up to 90 MB per second. The SanDisk Harsh Pro has a robust design that is waterproof, shockproof, X-ray proof, and suitable for extreme temperatures, just like the Extreme series above.

Which Memory Card Size Should I Purchase?

Approximately 1,000 photographs in JPEG fine big format or 2,000 photos in JPEG fine standard format can be stored on a 16 GB memory card for the Nikon D3200. 16 GB is a reasonable size and frequently more affordable than smaller cards for the majority of users. Five to ten times as much memory is required for NEF (camera RAW) files, therefore those that shoot in NEF or HD video should think about using a 32 GB or 64 GB memory card, or multiple cards.

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