The Best Gimbal For Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K in 2024


Earlier this year, Blackmagic announced the URSA Mini Pro 12K, which, in addition to upping the ante in terms of resolution by leapfrogging from their current 6K Pocket to well over 8K and then straight to 12K, also features a completely new sensor design that allows the camera to operate in ways that other cameras do not—at least not yet.

With its 12K version, which builds on the existing URSA Mini camera body design, you’ll be able to consider the camera a legitimate rival when it comes to higher-end projects, thanks to its amazing visuals.

Blackmagic Pocket cameras have long been the industry standard, and the URSA Mini Pro is going to become even more prevalent in more productions than ever before.

Best Gimbal For Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K in 2022

1. DJI Ronin-M 

A camera stabilization solution from DJI called the Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is intended to allow the user nearly as much freedom as unrestricted handheld shooting without the handshake. The Ronin-M has brushless motors that operate on three axes and is suitable for most camera configurations and weights up to 8 pounds.

one for tilt, one for pan, and one for side-to-side “roll” (maintaining the horizon level). The system has a 105° up/165° down tilt range and a 110° roll range, and it is computer-controlled. The system also offers a control precision of 0.02°, allowing for precise camera motions and stability correction against even extremely small movements.

The gimbal can be utilized in situations when mounting a vehicle or other abrupt motions would render tripods and rigid camera support devices problematic, in addition to handheld photography.

2. DJI Ronin-M Helicopter

Every dream is based on creativity. Every concept and innovative development that alters the course of history begins with the creative vision of gifted artists. At DJI, we provide these creators with the resources they need to realize their concepts. They can now take pictures that were previously unattainable thanks to our platforms. Our aerial and camera stabilization devices completely change how cameras are placed and moved.

Every day, utilizing DJI products, incredible images and videos, priceless memories, and top-notch professional pictures are captured. DJI technology offers more than just creative freedom. We challenge visionaries to push the boundaries of what is believed to be possible and encourage them to inspire others.

We achieve this through an unmatched dedication to research and development, a culture of ongoing innovation and curiosity, and a focus on turning complex technology into user-friendly gadgets. Our products integrate cutting-edge technology with dynamic designs, building on the maxim “form follows function.”

With its headquarters in Shenzhen, which is frequently referred to as China’s Silicon Valley, DJI has direct access to the suppliers, raw materials, and pool of young, innovative people required for long-term success. Using these resources, we have expanded from a single tiny office in 2006 to a staff of more than 3,000 people worldwide.

We now have offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, the United States, and Germany. As a privately held business, DJI concentrates on realizing its own vision while fostering innovative, lucrative, and charitable uses for its technology.

Industries are currently being redefined by DJI products. Professionals in a variety of fields, including energy infrastructure, search and rescue, agriculture, filmmaking, and conservation, rely on DJI to help them complete tasks more quickly, safely, and effectively than ever before.

3. Flycam Galaxy Dual Arm & Vest with Redking Video Camera Stabilizer 

With this B&H-assembled FLYCAM Galaxy Arm and Vest Kit with Redking Camera Stabilizer, you can take smooth motion pictures while relieving stress on your arms. The equipment comes with a Redking video camera stabilizer, a Galaxy universal-fit foam-padded vest, and a Galaxy stabilizer arm.

The cozy vest adjusts with buckles and hook-and-loop straps to fit waists 28 to 60 inches wide and chests 38 to 52 inches wide. The shock-absorbing arm fastens to the vest and may extend to a maximum length of 18″. It can sustain up to 22 lbs.

It includes 19 and 22-mm bushings in addition to a normal 16-mm mounting post for the Redking. The Redking camera stabilizer attaches to the post of the arm and can hold a camera rig weighing up to 7.5 lbs. As you run, walk, cycle, or climb, it has an adjustable balance system to keep your shots smooth and steady.

4. SteadiCam AERO 15 Stabilizer System with V-Lock Battery Plate and 7″ Monitor

For cameras weighing up to 10 lb, Steadicam offers the Aero Stabilizer with A-15 Arm, Vest, and 7″ Monitor. The necessary battery mount is not included with this Aero unit, but numerous types are sold separately. A lightweight, user-friendly addition to the Steadicam portfolio is the Aero Stabilizer.

A sturdy camera stage, a camera quick-release mount, a two-section center post, and tool-free adjustments are among the features. For usage with extremely light cameras, balance weights are provided. With enough experience, you’ll be able to take steady, fluid dynamic images with the Aero Stabilizer.

The A-15 vest and arm, a 7″ on-board HD monitor, a quick release plate, a 1/2″ docking bracket, and eight 4 oz. balance weights are all included in this Aero combo. A number of pro-style battery mounts are available separately; it does not come with a battery plate.

The A-15 vest’s arm socket block, vest length, and padded, adjustable chest and hip straps may all be altered to fit the wearer’s height and build. The two-stage A-15 arm has side-to-side adjustment wheels and a socket fast-release pin for a secure fit.

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