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Best Nikon D700 Memory Cards

Best Nikon D700 Memory Cards

Even though the debut of Nikon’s new D700 may have been one of the worst-kept secrets in an industry with more leaks than the Titanic, it was still something of a surprise considering how quickly it followed the releases of the D3 and the D300.

The D700 is Nikon’s first “compact” professional single-lens reflex camera. It is essentially a D3 that has been shrunk down and squeezed into a body that is roughly the same size as a D300. In its market segment, the D700 will compete with the recently announced Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Sony DSLR-A900.

Since the D700 and the D3 are virtually equal in terms of their photography capabilities, we can assume that their output will be nearly identical. Both cameras use the same highly regarded 12.1-megapixel full-frame (‘FX’) sensor and the same processing engine.

The viewfinder prism is different (with 95% coverage), the shutter is different (suitable for 150,000 exposures rather than 300,000 on the D3), and the burst rate is slower. These are the primary distinctions (other than being substantially smaller).

You also lose the rear LCD info panel (there’s no room for it) and one of the D3’s two CF card slots, but you do receive a number of extra features to ease the blow slightly, the most notable of which is a self-cleaning sensor and a built-in flash. Both of these capabilities are included in the D7100. In a moment, we’ll take a look at the differences between the D3 and the D700 in a somewhat more in-depth manner.

Best Nikon D700 Memory Cards

1. SanDisk 32GB Extreme Compact Flash (CF) Memory Card – Up To 120MB/s

The SanDisk 32 GB Extreme Compact Flash Memory Card enables quick and dependable capturing of both still images and moving video. This memory card has a read speed that can reach up to 120 MB/s and a write speed that can reach up to 85 MB/s.

The Ultra Direct Memory Access 7 (UDMA-7) standard guarantees the highest possible level of performance. This card ensures quick and high-quality photo and video capture when used in conjunction with a DSLR camera that complies with UDMA standards. Benefit from the peace of mind that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro Compact Flash (CF) Memory Card – Up To 160MB/s

SanDisk’s 32GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Memory Card has data read speeds of up to 160MB/s and data write speeds of up to 150MB/s. Both of these speeds are significantly faster than previous models. The VPG-65 certification of This Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card demonstrates that it is capable of supporting both full HD and 4K video recording and playback.

VPG-65 (video performance guarantee) provides sustained data write speeds of 65MB/s, guaranteeing a smooth flow of data and maintaining the clarity and cleanliness of video streams. This particular CompactFlash card is also equipped with an RTV silicone coating and a writable label, in addition to being compatible with both the RAW and JPEG file formats.

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